Below is a short summary about the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel series.
The Main Series (Seasons 1 + 2): 
Hayate Ayasaki’s folks are the most unreliable ones on the planet: they obtained 150 million yen from the yakuza, blew it all, and fled, leaving poor Hayate in charge of the obligation. Luckily, Hayate has Nagi Sanzenin, a beneficiary who has the money to get him out of inconvenience, insofar as he will be her head servant for the period. It’ll take him a lot of time to pay her back – around 40 years or something like that. Still, Hayate’s merry, solid and safe attitude, in addition to his complete devotion to his new fancy woman, can (most likely) get him through his troubles, regardless of yakuza, robots, outsiders, and a talking tiger, also the bunch mischances Hayate appears to be inclined to.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Additional chapter)
A secretive young lady is Nagi’s younger sibling, however, Nagi discovers her mystery from the begin. This all revives some inquiries Nagi had about her long-dead real father, who her granddad refused to take in.

As I know about the series, I was reading the Douluo dalu novel online. So I look some data on Nurse Witch Komugi R – the production company for this light novel series and chose to inquire about the chief, Kawaguchi Keiichiro. I discovered that he’d already coordinated the Nyan Koi! series(2009), and the totally terrible OniAi series (2012). I began watching the series in much suspicion. What’s more, I continued watching it, and requested that the fandom does a survey (since the site didn’t have one), since I thought the show was regularly really diverting, some of its weirdo cast of  female characters enchanting (however, some of the time, in rather peculiar ways), and its circumstances, every now and then, sort of touching.

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