by Douluo dalu novel

Bôken o Beet, “Adventure King Beet”

• Riku Sanjo (story), Koji Inada (art)

• Viz (2004–ongoing) • Shueisha (Monthly Shônen Jump, 2004–ongoing)

• 12+ volumes (ongoing)

• Shônen, Fantasy, Battle

• All Ages (violence)

In a postapocalyptic fantasy world ruled by monsters called Vandels, the endlessly optimistic young Beet becomes a Vandel Buster, a sort of paid Vandel assassin. He sets out to destroy all the Vandels in the world, accumulating teammates along the way. In Japan, creators Sanjo and Inada are best known for Dai’s Great Adventure, a manga based on the Dragon Quest video game series, and Beet also reads like a role-playing game come to life. Busters get points for destroying Vandels and other monsters, and everyone’s strength is judged by their “Levels.” Bright, energetic artwork, a cheerful tone, and a focus on character development make Beet a bit better than most manga of this type. The Vandels are actually more interesting characters than the humans. The Viz edition censors some of the PG dialogue; most notably, a dirty-minded pilot’s desire to grope girls’ breasts is downgraded to wanting kisses.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei


Because of his family’s debts to the church, Taki becomes the servant of Shikimi, a priest. By day he does tons of chores—but by night he and Shikimi head out to the graveyard to fight the walking dead!

Below is a short summary about the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel series.
The Main Series (Seasons 1 + 2): 
Hayate Ayasaki’s folks are the most unreliable ones on the planet: they obtained 150 million yen from the yakuza, blew it all, and fled, leaving poor Hayate in charge of the obligation. Luckily, Hayate has Nagi Sanzenin, a beneficiary who has the money to get him out of inconvenience, insofar as he will be her head servant for the period. It’ll take him a lot of time to pay her back – around 40 years or something like that. Still, Hayate’s merry, solid and safe attitude, in addition to his complete devotion to his new fancy woman, can (most likely) get him through his troubles, regardless of yakuza, robots, outsiders, and a talking tiger, also the bunch mischances Hayate appears to be inclined to.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Additional chapter)
A secretive young lady is Nagi’s younger sibling, however, Nagi discovers her mystery from the begin. This all revives some inquiries Nagi had about her long-dead real father, who her granddad refused to take in.

As I know about the series, I was reading the Douluo dalu novel online. So I look some data on Nurse Witch Komugi R – the production company for this light novel series and chose to inquire about the chief, Kawaguchi Keiichiro. I discovered that he’d already coordinated the Nyan Koi! series(2009), and the totally terrible OniAi series (2012). I began watching the series in much suspicion. What’s more, I continued watching it, and requested that the fandom does a survey (since the site didn’t have one), since I thought the show was regularly really diverting, some of its weirdo cast of  female characters enchanting (however, some of the time, in rather peculiar ways), and its circumstances, every now and then, sort of touching.

The Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel  focuses on Deku, the main character who is trying to be a hero. In the world that this guy is living, the societal formation is based on the super power. Heroics is legalized: heroes will be employed to solve the emergency cases, and the one with more popularity will be better off. Basically, it is just like the popular artist: the more popular you are, the more money you make,  and you’d better make a big show for yourself. But first of all, these superpowered humans have to go to school to hone their skills, just as with any other career. The top school that trains superpower in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel is called the UA, which is also the school that Deku aims for.
In the first several chapters, we get to see Deku gets into the school and goes through some adventures. It is basically a big introduction into the world with every one in the super big cast gets mentioned. Didn’t the first book of Douluo dalu do the same?
Of course, his main character of the series is Deku, the kid who has no chance of becoming a hero. With his rather tough childhood, he has always dreamed to the like All Might, the strongest hero. Life crushes his dream constantly, even a doctor tells him that he has no chance to develop a quirk. But you know what life is like: if you don’t have something, you will yearn for it even more, and it can become your savior in tough times. It is the hope, the idea that keeps people alive. So, Deku desperately holds onto the hope of becoming a hero so that he would not collapse. What will the journey of this normal guy be like? Will he become a hero? We are yet to know, but we can still read on.

What is the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel about? Super power “ghouls” (a term that will be explained later) in a city and killing humans every night for food. Every body is concerned about finding them and protect the citizen, only to find themselves powerless. Then a young and unripe guy unintentionally steps on the boundaries between this world of the prey and the other world of the predator. Such a great set up, right?
In the last year, the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel light novel made its debut a powerful bomb with a great job on building the fantasy of the modern world, where the ones we fear live alongside, or even among us. There was a lot of action, which you will know if you have read the Douluo dalu novel, but the light novel focused on the driving forces of the storyline instead. We learn about how the police who was supposed to kepe the security of the world and make its people at ease react to the super humans who have this seemingly bad intention of killing people. We also learn about a lot of lifestyles (of ghouls, of course) and the philosophy that lead us along.
These things are great, but in this era of great mangas and light novels, it is not the greatest. However, the thing that keeps the readers coming back for more must be the epic cliff hanger. The first part of the series ended in a big battle, and the same goes for the light novel. Nothing has been solved, no one has found the light, and I could not believe my eyes seeing the “End” next to the name of the chapter. It is only several months later that we know there is a second series incoming. What a relief, and what a smart guy the author is, he knows how to continue some good 400-ish chapters without boring its readers.



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against the gods light novel

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xian ni

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