Hi guys! I suppose it’s finally here, huh. I apologise in every the irregular delivering and time TDG’s chapters happen to be for your past few months…

For many who doesn’t realize, Page 444 will be the newest part that TDG’s fresh has to offer. Which also means that we’ve swept up with the latest chapter… Oh Section 445 only arrived just today. Let’s carry-on! With how TDG is certainly going, the author simply releases one phase once a month. Yep, you hear me right, monthly.

It was an extremely lengthy journey for me personally, nearly 1 and a year-long journey that is half! I never assume myself to last so-long in translating considering how I get bored of material simply. Many things occurred in this 1 and a half year… I’ve also just finished my 24 months of police education, thereby graduating as an established cop! For fixing my negative links while I’m in camp, I have to thank Ren and Yn5an3. During my teaching time, I had to remain with no use of computer whatsoever to Friday in camp from Monday, therefore for posting I could just translate in the weekend and plan them up. Ahem, let’s start again. Frequently, as tired when I’m from camping, to check after converting 5 sections in the weekend, I planned the articles and sometimes bad link happens once I did not do it right. While that happens, Yn5an3 or Ren might arrive at the saving to correct the terrible links for me personally, so… thank them!!

It wasn’t easy-to control the 24 months of training, being thus dead tired every time I’m home on the breaks with significantly less than 48-hours of my own personal moment but, being forced to convert 5 chapters (excluding The Fantastic Leader chapters:P). However, I’m pleased I somehow was able to do it.

With Tales of Gods‘ slow-release and Challenges, I’ll be concentrating more on The Great Leader since Reports of Challenges and Gods‘ chapters are just hitting theaters one monthly.

From next week onward, The Fantastic Ruler will be inviting donations of $60/part. You will see 3 guaranteed free sections weekly and further chapters will have to rely on donations. The donation option will undoubtedly be popped yet again, which was formerly shut due to me going into police training. And before going in to the school, as I’ve offered, 24 weeks of Gods‘ sections with no donations and Reports of Demons required attained! For once, my assurance was fulfilled by I’ve, eh? xD

Tales of Demons and Gods light novel

Anyways Myths of Challenges was exciting, and that I wish therefore I’ll have the capacity to change again his rate that is releasing could improve! Tales of Demons and Gods‘ new sections could have priority, which means the moment fresh sections are launched in raws, I’ll do my far better contain it converted and modified asap! Do support the second novel which I’ve absorbed from The Great Ruler, Jn19930

Many thanks for all you help in Reports of Gods and Demons for your past one 5 year!
I’ll see you for chapter 445 and then month for section 446!

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